This is a new and exciting experience – NEVER WORKOUT ALONE. Our interactive format for training improves motivation and encourages team workouts. If you’re tired of feeling alone in the gym then this is the club to help you get the very best health and fitness experience.
If you opt into the MyZone experience then we will track all your workouts and digitally feedback to you the effort you’ve put in and the calories you’ve burned each time you workout. All MyZone members are fully tracked through their fitness journey.
We have over 100 pieces of high tech equipment which also has the environment in mind as 70% of our equipment is energy efficient and uses no electricity, our heating and cooling system generates 40% renewable energy and we have also taken steps to help the environment with a paperless system.
We will always look for the best coaches in town and promise to ensure all team members are of the highest standard and education.
We will strive to achieve awards and associations to validate our commitment to offering the best environment for our members.
Our aim is to provide a fresh and exciting design where standards are high and the environment is urban and funky.
Don’t want a contract no problem then just come down and pay £5 to work out and enjoy the unique fitness experience.
We want to be part of the community and we will engage with outside partners and schools to ensure the next generation of children can participate in activity.