With the latest equipment and facilities, see below how we can help enhance your gym experience. Click an image to see each machine in use.

equpment_03 equpment_04 equpment_05 equpment_06
equpment_08 equpment_09 equpment_10 equpment_11
equpment_13 equpment_14 equpment_15 equpment_16
equpment_18 equpment_19 equpment_20 equpment_21
equpment_22 equpment_23 equpment_24 equpment_25
equpment_26 equpment_27 equpment_28 equpment_29
equpment_30 equpment_31 equpment_32 equpment_33
equpment_34 equpment_35 equpment_36 equpment_37
equpment_38 equpment_39 equpment_40 equpment_41
equpment_42 equpment_43 equpment_44 equpment_45
equpment_46 equpment_47 equpment_48 equpment_49
equpment_50 equpment_51 equpment_52 equpment_53
equpment_54 equpment_55 equpment_56 equpment_57